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  2. 3. Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations. - Part 4
  3. Aquarius Rising: The Aquarius Soul

The following quotes are relevant:. Hence, divine Astrology for the Initiates; superstitious astrolatry for the profane. The program Astrolog supports Esoteric Astrology in addition to classic mundane astrology. The following is a description of the Esoteric Astrology features in Astrolog:. Esoteric Astrology primarily uses the tropical zodiac, however it also includes a sidereal ayanamsa with a relation to Esoteric Astrology that some sidereal astrologers use. The following video demonstrates some Esoteric Astrology features of Astrolog. It animates planetary orbits in 3D, including Vulcan.

Positions are astronomically accurate, although on a logarithmic scale from the Sun so the planets can be evenly distributed from it. Planets are colored according to their Ray, e. Esoteric Astrology features alternate rulership sets for more spiritual considerations of planets. Beyond the mundane set of rulerships, there are esoteric rulers which operate on a soul or spiritual level, and Hierarchical rulers which operate on a planetary or solar level.

For example, the mundane exoteric ruler of Aries is Mars, representing forceful and aggressive action. However, the esoteric ruler of Aries is Mercury, to represent the mental cause and design of that initiating energy. Finally, the Hierarchical ruler of Aries is Uranus, to represent the growth and overall purpose of the influx of initiating energy in the first place.

Astrolog can list signs, list planets, and list Rays, showing how each component relates to the other two. What follows are three different tables, which display the same information, except that each is indexed by sign, planet, or Ray. Below is a list of the 12 zodiac signs. Each sign is associated with 1 to 3 Rays.


Each sign's exoteric, esoteric, and Hierarchical ruler s are listed. Exoterically, some signs are ruled by two planets: A classic planet visible to the naked eye, and an outer planet that was more recently discovered and which only plays a role when the personality is seeking personal growth. Esoterically and Hierarchically, sometimes the Sun or Moon acts as a veil for deeper energies. Below is a list of the 12 main planets and related bodies.

Each planet rules one or more signs exoterically, esoterically, and Hierarchically. Each planet is associated with one particular Ray. Below is a list of the seven Rays. Each Ray has a name, and represents a particular type of will. Each Ray is associated with three different signs, and one or two planets. Each Ray is associated with one sacred planet: When a Ray is associated with two planets, the first planet listed is the non-sacred planet, and the second is the sacred planet. The "slice" value of a Ray is the number of signs associated with that Ray, each proportioned by the number of other Rays also associated with that sign.

Notice how Ray 4 has the largest slice value, because it's the only Ray associated with both Taurus and Scorpio getting 2. A "Ray rulership" is when a planet of a given Ray is positioned in a sign of the same Ray. The meaning of a Ray rulership is a pure and undiluted influx of Ray energy, because both the Cosmic sign and the systemic planet are channeling the same Ray energy to our world.

Note that for all Rays except Ray 1, there exists opposite signs are both the same Ray, so that Ray has only one possible Ray debilitation. For example, the three Ray 2 signs are Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. However since Virgo and Pisces are opposite each other, the only Ray 2 debilitation is when a Ray 2 planet is in Sagittarius.

A "house Ray rulership" is when a planet of a given Ray is positioned in a house aligned with the same Ray. For example, Saturn Ray 3 planet in the 7th house Ray 3 house, because it corresponds to the 7th sign Libra, a Ray 3 planet is a house Ray rulership. The meaning of a house Ray rulership is similar to a Ray rulership, except the pure Ray energy is manifesting in the world, because both the systemic planet and the personality oriented house are bringing forth that Ray.

3. Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations. - Part 4

A "double Ray rulership" is both a Ray rulership and a house Ray rulership at the same time. For example, Venus in Sagittarius and 11th house is a double Ray rulership because it's a Ray 5 planet in a Ray 5 sign and a Ray 5 house. A double Ray rulership is very strong, because it's a pure and undiluted influx of Ray energy that's also manifesting in the world.

Being comfortable with letting go to make room for the new will encourage Spirit, God, or Source to do its work and for you to evolve as a Soul being. This phase of the Moon or your life is not something to be afraid of…. This phase marks the moment for us to take action by planning and experimenting with ideas. During this phase, we can imagine possibilities that promote a more fulfilling life and eagerly start new projects and relationships.

Esoteric Astrology 'The Ascendant as the Soul' the Esoteric ruler to your Ascendant

We are reminded that there will always be new opportunities and that the past is safe in the past. The cycles never end. As you may know now, working with the Moon is beneficial to understanding cycles of Nature and your personal nature. Change is always good, even if it may appear scary at times. I also want to make clear that the Moon does not dictate our actions or minds and therefore can not be blamed for whatever is present in your life. We have some control of our lives and can use the cycles of the Moon to take a closer look into our patterns and cycles.

We can work with the cycles of the Moon to manifest greatness in our lives but it starts with self-awareness. Book your first Moon Report! The energy of innovation is prevailing in the winds while the Moon is transiting in the sign of Aquarius. When the Moon was in Capricorn, it was a great time to let go of thought patterns that were inhibiting us from building our future. Now that we are moving forward, we have the support from the energy of Aquarius to soar ahead with lightning speed! This energy teaches us to gather information from different sources, synthesize them, and make use of the newfound inspiration.

This eccentric energy brings sudden information from what may seem out of the ordinary. It is ruled by the planet Uranus in modern astrology, Saturn in traditional astrology, and Jupiter in esoteric astrology.

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Putting these archetypes together makes Aquarius and during this time, assist us by bringing in well-informed innovation to the foundations of our lives. However, this is only the case if we have been working with our ideas diligently and are open to change. We must decipher what is useful and understand how they can be of use to the progress of humanity. Aquarius moves with purpose and while the Moon is in this sign, we are feeling our ways of adopting this mentality.

Working with this energy may not be simple if we resist it. People may confront us with new information that can disorient our lives and leave us feeling disheartened.

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  4. If this sounds like what you are going through, you may be battling with the shadow of Aquarius. Battling with the shadow of Aquarius can leave us feeling cold, unsympathetic, narrow-minded, prideful, and harshly critical. And with Moon in this fixed sign, we are seeing how we are holding on to our ideals and not able to adjust to what is needed.

    For example, when we feel personally attacked and become cold towards someone who confronts us with a solution about a problem in the way we are doing something. Our minds are challenged at this time, but it could be of our benefit if can accept where we are with our thoughts. One thing for us to do while the Moon transit Aquarius is to accept help from our friends and family and to have an open dialogue.

    Also, we must not be afraid to let go and explore the regenerative winds of Aquarius. It is a blessing from above to see how our ideas can connect and eventually produce new life for our chosen community. So move purposely, have fun, and celebrate your uniqueness! When the Moon is transiting Capricorn it is likely that we are feeling a need to bring order to our life. Capricorn is the architect of the zodiac signs and symbolizes structure, practicality, authority, working with concrete ideas, perseverance, and climbing the ladder to reach goals.

    The Moon in this sign helps us to reflect upon what we would like to put in order.

    Depending on where the Moon is transiting in our personal charts, it could be anything such as a living situation, work, family, creative projects, etc.! Our minds are grabbing on to anything concrete to see if we can use it to accomplish our goals. This phase marks a great time to reflect upon what is our intention and why we should hold on to it. We may consider the use of our personal resources to see if we are using them properly to accomplish a long-term goal.

    This is definitely not the time to scatter intentions, look for frivolous connections, or spontaneous learning, instead, we must choose one goal to see the outcome of our efforts. If you are doing great with working towards your long-term goals, good job! Keep up the good work! You may even get recognition for your efforts.

    Aquarius Rising: The Aquarius Soul

    We should be wary about working outside of our integrity, especially during this time. Our emotions and mental state can be more critical than usual because we are seeing inadequacies of our character. Mental security is also a big topic while the moon is transiting Capricorn.

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    We can question what gives us security and what habits are holding us back from progress. At times we may have trouble letting go of old habits because of a sense of losing security but in order to make progress, we must make a sacrifice. If you are struggling during this time, you may have issues with the dark side of Capricorn. Working with the shadow of Capricorn is tough. We can experience narrow-mindedness, coldness, arrogance, cruelty, mental pride, and criticalness because our mind is challenged by our everyday life.

    During this time we are required to be easy on ourselves and take the time to see why we are protective over old ways of doing things. We must be mindful, resourceful, and content with progress while we are working on our goals daily. So take your time and be serious about your goals. It will pay off later.