February 22 libra astrology


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You have taken on a huge task with your weight loss goals.

Astrology of Today – Friday, February 22, 12222

Today, you will need to put in extra effort. Perhaps someone will offer a bar of chocolate to you or celebrate with your favourite junk food. However, you will be able to find the strength to overcome this temptation easily and once you do, your goals will be reached within a short time.

Several events will happen today which will present your love life in a completely new light. You may become aware of new information or get a new insight in the character and wishes of your partner.

#libra Horoscope February 22, 2017 Daily Love, Personal Life, Money Career

As a result, this day marks a turning point in your relationship. It is necessary to balance your own desires and self respect when dealing with your partner.

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Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator. You have been looking for that one great opportunity to come your way and this is the best time for it to appear.

If you have appeared for an interview, you will get good news on that front today. Job offers from unexpected quarters or scope of advancements from old contacts will now begin to manifest. You have kept up excellent spirit during the tough times. You could decide to express your creative nature in a new way.

Maybe you will write up some colorful love notes and place them in strategic places, for your family members to just happen upon. You might even just write some funny e-mails, making snappy comments about life.

Libra Monthly Horoscope

Combine your artistic side with your natural tenderness and wit today, and you'll make everyone around you feel good. Today, you may feel as if you've just woken from a dream. Though, on second thought, maybe you haven't completely woken up at all. That would explain why you are having such trouble grasping the reality around you. You sit at your desk and look at your work, but can't seem to concentrate on it.

Could this be a sign that you need a vacation? We think so!

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You have been working too hard lately. Even if you are unwilling to take a vacation, your brain already has! You might as well join it.

Are you a little tired? It's no wonder. You are so eager to make yourself useful that you have run yourself ragged over these past few weeks. As you may have noticed, the world is so inert and apathetic right now that every movement requires enormous effort on your part. Why not settle down and rest today? That would be the wisest and most reasonable thing for you to do. You will still be needed tomorrow. You could be in a competitive mood today. You'll be eager to test your powers against another. Maybe you should hit the tennis courts or head for the basketball court.

You could enjoy doing some sports with some friends. Or you could compete in a different way. You could market yourself in an aggressive way, competing for an important corporate account. You'll be ready to challenge yourself to new levels of achievement. Today, you can't help but look around your home and see areas in dire need of improvement. How long has that sofa had that tear in it? And has the wall color always been this dingy shade of taupe? Today you are inspired to clean up, clear out the clutter and begin to shape a space that reflects more of who you truly are.

When in doubt, hire a decorator! Love: A planetary cluster in Capricorn fails to serve your relationships well this week.

Sabian Symbol

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Libra (astrology) - Wikipedia

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