Numerology name list based on date of birth


  1. Baby names by date of birth 19 june numerology
  2. How Do I Find A Successful Business Name?
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  5. Numerology name list based on date of birth

Hi Greer, I want to start a dental clinic. What should be the number? Hello Steve, A dental clinic.. I think the number 4 will be good.. But there are too many aspects to answer this question simply.

Baby names by date of birth 19 june numerology

When I do a reading, we look at your vision and how you see yourself and your clients. Here is a link to give you all the options. I am from India. Hello Chan, Congratulations your new business venture. Unfortunately I do not work on a predictive basis. Numerology can tell you themes of the year and life purpose, but it cannot tell you if you should resign your job. So how you work in partnership is the theme of the year. See this link for more info on your personal year.

How Do I Find A Successful Business Name?

Also, read some of the other comments on this page to find info about the export and import business. Finally, if you are interested in a one question answer that would be deal more specifically to you and your destiny, you can choose from the options on this link. So for the travel and tour business which name number business name would be better? Please suggest which name number would be better for travel and tours business number 5 or 6?

Hello Dee, thanks for your question. By name number do you mean your full name at birth? If so, it is more important to look at the name of your business name, than your birth name to decide what is the most successful. When I do a full business name reading I do look at the name you will be called on your website, but more important is your business name and your values, your clients and what do you want to achieve in your business.

Having a 9 destiny you will look at the bigger picture of things and be very insightful when you work with clients.. But if you are looking for a very quick answer, in the travel and tour business, go with a 5! Five is all about travel and entertainment and connecting people with people..

Numerology: How to Calculate Name, Destiny and Lucky Numbers – Fair Reporters

If you would like further assistance with a personalize one answer question, or a full hour reading with many business name answers, check out this link to find the best option for you. Your advice is highly appreciated. Hello Queen, Thanks for your request. Yes 1 is an excellent number as your expression number.


It is the leader in the field. Will be great for any business. Of course there is more to it when choosing a business name that will help you thrive and meet your vision. I would be happy to assist with a reading that will talk more specifically about your vision and your client and offer several options to your name. If you are just interested in a more personal answer, running one name by me, I could do so with this link.

Hi I am planning to start my own scrap dealership and trading business can you please help me know what business name I should take? Hello Paul. Finding a business name is an important process and I take it very seriously. My readings can get very specific and offer you many new ideas. Together we can pick the name that will bring you much success. Short and sweet, I think having a 4 would be excellent for your business as it is all about putting the parts together and building.

But there are so many aspects finding a perfect business name, that the best bet, if you are interested, is to set up a numerology reading.

Baby Names According to Date Of Birth and Time - Date of Birth Numerology by Dr MD Dawood

See all options here. Hi Greer I am a doctor by profession and want to start a pharmaceutical medicine marketing company which later on I will upgrade to manufacturing. How can I decide the name of the company. Hello Mihi, I believe a pharmaceutical marketing company would flourish.

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To come up with a name for your company, is very involved. I work with clients to find out their vision, their potential client, and the business name that would bring the most success while meeting your intention.

Numerology name list based on date of birth

Check out this link to learn more about my services. The name is a total 9 and vowels and consonants both are 9. The goal is to create prosperity, wealth and abundance for something I have been doing free and gifting for over 30 years. I have finally growing to a place where I no longer feel guilty to accept payment for my gifts and do not feel like I am cheating Spirit. The business is to be in service to pets and their people by clearing, pain, trauma and drama for the four leggeds.

We believe that working on the four leggeds also supports the animal with their work they do on their two legged guardians. Congratulations Akasha, this is beautifully expressed and the name thoughtfully calculated. With a nine expression number, and a vision such as yours, the energy will be an altruistic and clear one. The nine is the bigger picture, the compassion for the world, and truth. Nine is transformation and completion. Of course, it does matter that you like the name and its sound. Not knowing the name, I cannot help you with this. If you are interested, we can talk more about the details in a short reading, since you have done all the work.

I have been trying for jobs since long time, But no where I could get a jobs. So worried about a job.

My startup is all about focusing on unique talented people across remote areas to focus them into market all their services and products. According to numerology I got 28 i.

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  4. Hello Jan, Thank you for your interest on my site.. I am glad you found some answers from the comments. You can well imagine how many questions I get a day. Unfortunately I need to charge for my answers and readings.. I wish I could give all of you answers, but I cannot. Since you have names already, I can offer you the one answer reading.

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    I can tell you that a 1 is good because it is the leader in the field. But there is so much more to this answer than picking a good number. Hello, For a long time I am looking for a business name for my jewelry. I finally found it. My name is full of love and hope. Can you tell me me what it means through numerology? HI Vivien, Congratulations! I have taken out the name you came up with on this post and will reply to you separately on the name. If you are interested in finding out a specific number value on your name, my one-answer business reading is for you!!!

    In the reading we will talk about your destiny and personal year as well. Here is the link: hope to hear from you soon. Hi Pooja, Well on first glance a travel agency will be good to have a 5 in it which is all about travel and connecting with people in a fun way.. The S is a 1 so that is good. If you would like to know more and would like to book an appointment, there are several options. See comment answers above for the many options.. Hope this helps: Greer.